Teays Valley Christian School
Teays Valley Christian School

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department of TVCS offers opportunities for students to be involved in music, art, graphic design, and video production.

Teays Valley Christian School has a beginning and intermediate band at the Middle School level, with expected growth of the high school program as this group develops.

Other musical opportunities include High School Chorus, the High School Chapel Praise Band – consisting of electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard, bass, and drums – and elementary choir. Each ensemble performs at various school functions throughout the year.

Our art program is weaved into the elementary and middle school curriculum one day a week, while high school students have the opportunity to take it as an elective up to 3 days per week, learning an appreciation for art and expressing their own God-given creativity through a variety of artistic mediums.

Band & Chorus

With a rich heritage of excellence in fine arts, Teays Valley Christian School seeks to progressively advance students’ musical and performance abilities, expand on their God-given creativity, and encourage that those gifts be used for the glory of God.

Opportunities Include:

  • Elementary Chorus
  • Middle School Chorus
  • High School Chorus
  • Beginning Band
  • Intermediate Band
  • High School Praise Band

Visual Arts

Visual Art instruction is based on the understanding that God our creator has instilled in us creative qualities that should be used to bring Him glory.

Art is offered through a variety of methods, mediums, and technologies throughout the academic program (K-12). Students will experience information and training in many ways, including, but not limited to the following: basic elements of art, art history and appreciation, expressions of art, and many hands on opportunities to produce original works through a variety of artistic mediums.