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“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and

of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20

Therefore GO! Each year, there are two major mission trip opportunities open to our high school students. For the past several years, the senior class has taken a week long domestic mission trip with destinations that have included San Marcos, Texas, Houston, Texas, and New York City, New York, and Los Angeles, California.

There has also been an opportunity to work internationally with partner ACSI schools and graduates of TVCS who are working full-time in the mission field. Through the years, opportunities have included Guatemala, Honduras, and most currently, South Africa.

Here are a few of our graduates in the mission field we currently are partnering with:

  •         Kevin Squires – World Orphans (Global) – www.worldorphans.org
  •         Sarah Haver Terwey – Pfunanane Ministries (South Africa) – www.pfunanane.org
  •         Rebecca Bell – The Micah Project (Honduras) – www.micahcentral.org

Other major international mission partners include:

  •         Bill Perrow – Open Arms Foundation (Colombia) – www.openarmsfoundation.com
  •         Rick Whitcomb – Agape Gospel Mission (Ghana) – www.agapegospelmission.org

Other Areas of Service and Missions Include:

Bottles for Babies

TVCS joined in supporting A New Beginning Pregnancy Crisis Center in Huntington, WV by raising funds with a Baby Bottle change drive. The money raised goes directly to the local center to support women dealing with unplanned pregnancies and their unborn children. The work of the Center includes providing counseling, birth and parenting classes, Bible study and discipleship opportunities. It also provides for the material needs of mothers and their children.

Senior Mission Trip

As a mission-driven pinnacle experience for graduating seniors, Teays Valley Christian School provides a domestic mission trip opportunity. Historically, we have served alongside Genesis Ranch in San Marcos, Texas, and with Center for Student Missions in New York City. Our goal is to continue to create a generation of graduates who are committed to making an impact for Christ and recognizing that life is not about them.

Africa Trip

In addition to our senior mission trip, TVCS offers an international mission trip opportunity as God leads. Historically, these trips have occurred every other year and have included the following locations: Guatemala, Honduras, and South Africa. Many of our international mission trips are done in partnership with alumni of TVCS who are full-time missionaries in these respective locations.

Coat Drive

We support the fall/winter coat drives of several local missions by holding a school-wide collection of outgrown or no-longer-worn coats.

Union Mission “food fight”

Each year we participate in a local mission’s canned food drive, which is a competition between organizations to see who can bring in the most. We also make it a competition between classes at our school. For the last two years we have won not only the school category, but also the overall “championship” by bringing in more in our assigned category than any church or business.

Red Cross Blood Drive

Once or twice each year we host a Red Cross blood drive. Students in the National Honor Society are in charge of advertising the event, staffing it as volunteers, and bringing refreshments to serve to donors. Students are also encouraged to become blood donors, and each year a number of them donate for the first time.

Union Mission Meals

Groups of students from National Honor Society have gone into Charleston to serve dinner and participate in the men’s shelter chapel. They have also provided childcare at a shelter for women and children while the moms were attending a Bible Study.

Regency Place (assisted Living Facility behind Foodland)

On “Bible Dress-up Day” our elementary classes will be escorted to Regency and will parade through the common areas where they are received by the staff and residents. Also, on several occasions our elementary students and/or secondary Chorus have gone to Regency to sing for the staff and residents.

Secret Santa

Through the years, several classes have adopted a needy family and provided “secret Santa”. There are times when that has been a school family, other times they have chosen a family from the Salvation Army “Angel Tree”. They purchase and wrap gifts that will be delivered to the designated family.

Chile Disaster Relief

A teacher at the school helped to organize a two-county wide relief effort for the victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Chile. Students at our school participated by becoming pen pals with some of the students there, and families donated clothing, toys, and school supplies.

TVCS Alumni Missionaries Support

Teays Valley Christian School exists to equip students for God’s purposes. Upon graduation, students may choose to fulfill God’s calling on their life in many ways. With alumni serving Christ through many vocational mediums, we are encouraged by the ones who serve Christ as full time missionaries all over the world, thus fulfilling the great commission.

Operation Christmas Child

Each year, Teays Valley Christian School promotes awareness and raises support for Operation Christmas Child by participating in the shoe box collection drive. This past year, we were able to bring in over 200 boxes that were sent out all over the world.

“Hoops for Wishes”, Make-A-Wish Foundation

Teays Valley Christian School (TVCS) teamed up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to put on the “Hoops for Wishes” weekend event on Saturday, March 3, 2012. The event consisted of a mini basketball camp, a luncheon, and a basketball game. Marisa Pedro, the Regional Manager of Southern West Virginia Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Pennsylvania and Southern West Virginia, worked with Teays Valley Christian School’s athletic director, Jody Sowards, to organize the event. The proceeds from the game went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. TVCS’s theme for this year is: “It is Not About You, But it Takes You” and this event was not about the athletes involved but about the individuals that are helped through the great work of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

All Star Game (South Africa) – High School Basketball All-Star Game

Teays Valley Christian School (TVCS) hosted a Christian high school all-star basketball event on Friday, March 2, 2012. The proceeds from the event went to the Pfunanane Ministries, which is the ministry of one of TVCS’s alumni, Sarah Haver Terwey, in South Africa. The event brought several great athletes throughout the area to the school for a time of fellowship, relationship building, food, and some exciting basketball. The event consisted of a practice, dinner, competitions, and a game on both the girls’ and boys’ level.

Habitat for Humanity

To create a unity of spirit as a part of our preparation for the senior mission trip, TVCS seniors serve with Habit for Humanity once in the summer and again sometime during the school year in whatever capacity that is most needed.

Manna Meals

To continue to create a unity of spirit as a part of our preparation for the senior mission trip, TVCS seniors serve with Manna Meals throughout the school year as scheduling allows.

Other Events and Projects

Throughout the year, there are additional events, fundraisers, and projects that are unique to the school year and student leadership.