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Teays Valley Christian School seeks to provide the highest quality education, facilities, and programs available while balancing the effective management of its finances and an appropriate and non-exclusive tuition rate. As a result, Teays Valley Christian School is comparatively more affordable than area schools, while maintaining a high level of excellence and effectiveness in those aforementioned areas.

Financial Aid is Available. Teays Valley Christian School offers Financial Assistance through our third party relationship with Facts Grant and Aid Assessment, who handles the application and qualification process. To apply online, please visit www.factstuitionaid.com.

TVCS also offers discounts for families with multiple children.

Wondering if it’s really worth it? Check out the articles below by the current and previous president of the Association of Christian Schools International:

Is It Worth It? By Ken Smitherman | Is It Really Worth It? By Brian Simmons

For more information, contact the school office at 304-757-9550.

Campus Wear

Teays Valley Christian School is part of the enthusiastic growth and use of Campus Wear by private and public schools across the country. Campus Wear projects an atmosphere of solidarity, loyalty, and equality among the student population. The use of Campus Wear, as opposed to the latest fashions, eliminates unnecessary competition in dress and focuses the attention on learning and growing.

Campus Wear provides a professional approach to learning and removes some of the distractions normally confronted when young people face the dilemma of possessing the latest designer fashions. Considering that fashions change from year to year and season to season, parents often feel pressure from their children to provide them with the most current styles.Campus Wear reduces the cost of “keeping up” since it remains the same day after day, year after year. The cost, in relation to fashion merchandise, is very appealing over the long term.

Experience has shown that students required to maintain a neat appearance and to coordinate their wardrobe within the established parameters are likely to carry over these habits to the performance of their school work. Using Campus Wear is a positive method of establishing good habits and promoting a climate for discipline and responsibility.

Visit the Campus Wear Website | Download the full Campus Wear Handbook