The Vision

Vision…Our vision is to be a school that honors Christ and reaches the hearts and minds of our students. The true test of whether or not that has truly occurred is how our graduates live after Teays Valley Christian School. It is our priority to provide an educational experience that shows our students that life is not about them, but about Christ and others, and that each of them has a calling to embrace.

Inclusive…On an institutional level, Teays Valley Christian School is dedicated to making a Christian education possible to every family in our community that desires to have it. As challenging as this vision is, this is our goal; to be inclusive rather than exclusive, to meet the needs of all children (special needs included), and to not only not be proud of a “waiting list”, but be ashamed of such a list. As our vision has expanded, so has our enrollment. The school board and church board of directors are committed to making this calling to serve our community a reality as evidenced by the planning of another capital campaign to provide resources for expansion and continual support of the many steps involved in growth.

Excellence…In addition to the vision of making our school available to our community and not turning qualified students away due to being “full,” Teays Valley Christian School is committed to excellence in every phase of the school program, as evidenced by our continued commitment to accreditation. Excellence honors God and positions our students to reach their potential and impact the world. The challenges associated with exponential growth and the seamless delivery of excellence to every student is a large part of our strategic plan for the next three to five years.

21st Century Learning…Teays Valley Christian School believes that the 21st century learner must experience a 21st century education. This philosophy includes implications in every aspect of the educational program, with special attention to technology. A substantial allocation of time and resources has been given for our technology infrastructure as evidenced by the number of computers available to our students, interactive Promethean boards in each classroom, integration of technology into all subjects across all grade levels, and professional development devoted to continual training for our teachers in the area of 21st century instruction. Our vision is for our students to be ahead of the technology curve in order to be able to compete in the global economy and be equipped to serve God effectively in whatever field or career in which they are called.

Relational Environment…Another noteworthy aspect of Teays Valley Christian School is our commitment to a relational environment. Research shows that spiritual formation and academic achievement is enhanced by appropriate relationships between teachers and students. This is a priority in our hiring, staff evaluation, and the day to day operations of the school.

Our Goal…In summation, it is our goal to be a large school of excellence and influence, honoring Christ and sending out young men and women to be leaders in restoring culture to what God intended it to be when He created the world; with a love for Christ, love for others, the mind of Christ, an identity rooted in Christ and a passion for purpose.