What do we wear? What’s for lunch? What about my cellphone and iPad? Do I share a locker? These are common questions that prospective students want to know. Check out our list of answers to some of the most common questions we hear related to Student Life at TVCS.

How long is the school day?

School is from 8:15am-3:05pm (K-6) and 8:15am-3:15pm (7-12)

How early can I get here?

For grades 6-12 prior to 8:00am, all students are housed in the Commons. K-5, prior to 7:45am, students must report to Teays Valley Child Development Center (separate charge), which is located in the church facility.

Periods or Blocks?

We use eight 45 minute periods a day in grades 7-12. For the high school, there is a rotating elective period, which alternates on a daily/weekly basis. In the middle school, there are also daily rotations during a specific period of the day, allowing for increased elective and non-core class opportunities. Sixth grade combines a traditional elementary classroom setting with additional teachers for some subjects to create a seamless transition to middle school life.

What about lunch?

Starting in the fall of 2018, TVCS will be providing a healthy hot lunch program to all grades!  Menus and details to be unveiled soon.

Do I get my own locker?

Each student is assigned their own locker. Most are full sized, and for security purposes, when developmentally appropriate, there are built-in combination locks.

Can I bring my cell phone? iPad? Other electronics?

Yes, cell phones and other electronic devices are permitted in school. Secondary students may use them at designated times throughout the day. During class, they can only be used for educational purposes at the direction of the teacher. All electronic devices that require internet connection must use the filtered wireless internet provided by the school; this means they may not use unfiltered internet access via a data plan. For more information related to our cell phone policy, you can read the policy in the Parent/Student Handbook.

What do I wear?

Teays Valley Christian School is part of the enthusiastic growth and use of Campus Wear by private and public schools across the country. Campus Wear projects an atmosphere of solidarity, loyalty, and equality among the student population.

Can I drive to school? Parking Permit? Buses?

We do not currently offer pickup or drop-off bus services. Students can drive to school and do not have to have or pay for any additional parking permits. There are also carpool lists available in the school office.

Can I stay after school?

Yes. Grades K-5 must go to the Teays Valley Child Development Center (separate charge with prearranged classroom pickup through the TVCDC), which is located in the church building across the parking lot from the school. Grades 6-12 must be picked up by 3:30 or go to the supervised after-school area (See After-School Care Policy).


Yes. In addition to curricular physical education and weight-lifting courses, we offer many competitive middle school and high school athletic teams. For more information, check out our Athletics page.

Do you have a National Honor Society chapter?

Yes. Students are eligible for application and approval during their 10th grade school year.

Will my credits be accepted if I transfer and when I graduate?

YES! All completed credits and coursework is recognized and transferable to ALL public and Christian schools, both state-wide and nationally. All completed credits and coursework is recognized by ALL public and Christian colleges and universities, state-wide and nationally.

Can I earn college credit while attending TVCS?

YES. We offer several classes as a dual credit option – earn college AND high school credit simultaneously – through both Marshall University and West Virginia State University, which is then transferable to any collegiate pursuit. We also encourage students, seniors especially, to take college courses online as their schedule permits.

What if there's a class you don't offer that I would like to take?

On an application based process, students can take free courses through West Virginia Virtual School (high school only).

Will I be prepared for college and challenged academically?

Absolutely! Historically, over 90% of our graduates have gone on to college. Our complete academic program is geared towards a rigorous preparation for the collegiate level.

Do you have computer labs and available printers?

We have two designated computer labs with 33 student stations in each. Each lab has black/white and color printing services. Each elementary classroom has 4 additional student stations in the classroom. Students in grades 10-12 have a 1:1 program using Chromebooks. There are also 6 student stations in the library with additional printing services.

Do you have wireless internet?