We strive to be known by what we are for, not what we are against. We are for our students reaching their full potential in Christ. We are for them positioning themselves to walk in God’s grace and impacting culture by making the name of Jesus famous. We do not take it for granted that God has positioned us to impact the world by training this generation.

As we represent a variety of denominations and churches, we focus on what we have in common, the common causes of the church and its core purposes, rather than minor denominational differences. For more info, check out our Statement of Faith.

As a Christian School we are called to excellence in both domains of that title – “Christian” and “School.” We are not a church or a youth group, we are a school. We rigorously prepare students for their future, one in which students are fully prepared for whatever lies next. At the same time, we are a school with a distinct Christ-centered identity, purpose, and mission. We are called to be intentional, forward thinking, and excellent in both domains.

In addition to a separate Bible class across all grade levels, we integrate Biblical truth as both foundational and supplemental to all curricula. We have appropriately and uniquely designed chapel programs, retreats, service and missions opportunities across various age levels.