The instructional program of TVCS consists of carefully developed curriculum guides for each subject. Each curriculum guide documents course content, instructional goals, time allotment, instructional resources and methods, evaluation strategies, and biblical integration. Teachers are expected to utilize these guides in creating lesson plans throughout the year while documenting their usage in their lesson plan books or curriculum guides.

The instructional program is implemented through instructional strategies that engage the student in active learning and are reflective of sound educational practice. Annual funds are budgeted for teacher training and professional development. Teachers can provide input for the use of money in purchasing resources appropriate for the programs offered, Teachers are challenged to meet student learning needs by using a variety of instructional methods and evaluation techniques, which are also part of the observation/evaluation process. Annual achievement testing at all grade levels informs appropriate educational practices.

The elementary curriculum is designed to teach students to read proficiently, write effectively, and think critically. Special attention is given to the development of a personal relationship with God followed by godly character development.

Middle school courses are designed to prepare students for their more in-depth high school courses. These courses tend to be more a survey in nature as a result. Students in middle school are challenged to understand what they are reading, write effectively what they have learned, and ask quality questions of their teachers.

High school courses are designed to prepare students for college and their selected careers. Special attention is given to the development of a biblical worldview. There are dual credit courses offered to high school students through West Virginia State University which are taught by qualified instructors. Students also have the opportunity during their senior year to take online courses for college credit thus giving them an early advantage in college.