Library & Technology


Electronic technologies provide countless learning opportunities for students. The skills, strategies, processes, attitudes, and knowledge that they need to function responsibly and productively in this environment have been and are continuously changing. Effective learners are not just those who are knowledgeable, but rather they are people who are able to find and use information as required; we might say that successful learners are those who are information literate.

Creating information literate and technologically savvy individuals who think critically, creatively, and collaboratively to solve real-world problems and communicate effectively is a major goal of the academic program, which has a unique and powerful partnership with the resources available through the Library & Media Center.


Technology In The Classrom

  • Each classroom is equipped with a Promethean ActivBoard as a primary instructional tool
  • Grades 2-6 are equipped with tablets for in-class use
  • All high school students are issued a Google Chromebook for personal educational use

The TVCS Computer Labs include:

  • Two fully equipped computer labs with student stations, printer access, and interactive learning devices
  • 30+ student stations in each lab
  • Full student access to Microsoft Office, Google Office Suite, and curriculum specific programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Google Sketchup, etc.

The TVCS Library & Media Center includes:

  • Over nine thousand books, periodicals, journals, and magazines across various genres and target age groups
  • Access to our searchable online database of the library inventory
  • A quiet corner reading area
  • Tables for study and research, equipped with student computers
  • Adjacent location to one of our two main computer labs, which includes 33 student stations